Interactive Scottish Social Attitudes 2013 data now online

If you have been reading the news coverage and blogs on the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) survey you may have further questions about the findings. Like what do the undecided voters think about key issues? Or does the gender gap in support for independence apply to all aspects of the debate? Well to coincide with the release of three new briefing papers and our Conference on the topic, you can now explore SSA 2013 for yourself.

Our interactive feature does not require software or a login and it is easy to use. Simply search for and choose a question that interests you and click on it to see how people in Scotland responded. Then scroll down to where it says ‘See these data broken down by’, followed by a drop down menu. You can choose a demographic variable like age or sex, or you can choose to break down your first survey questions by any other question in our database to see the relationship between them.

This can be presented as a graph or table and you can easily download or share your analysis online. If you find out something interesting, you could tweet about it using the #ssa13 and #indyref hashtags. The handle for the site is @WhatScotsThink.

To get started you can either explore all SSA data relating to Scottish independence since 1999 or you can filter to focus on the SSA 2013 findings. For further advice on how to use this interactive feature, here is our step by step guide.

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