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How Scotland should be governed

Attitudes in Scotland to options for governing Scotland including more devolution and independence

The Scottish independence referendum

What people in Scotland thought about the referendum - and now think about the prospect of a second

Expectations of constitutional change

What effect the public in Scotland think constitutional change would have

Elections, parties & leaders

Voting intention in Scottish and UK elections, plus views on political parties and leaders

Policy issues

Scottish policy issues relevant to the debate on how the country should be governed

Perceptions of government & the Union

The views of people in Scotland on how well the country is governed under the current constitutional settlement

How Wales should be governed

Attitudes in Wales towards options for governing Wales including more devolution and independence

How England should be governed

Attitudes in England to options for governing England including an English parliament, regionalism and EVEL

What Britain thinks about the Union

What people across the UK think of the state of the Union, how it should evolve and its long term prospects

Cross border attitudes

What each of the UK nations think of each other’s constitutional arrangements

National identity and cultural issues

What people in Scotland, England and Wales say about their national identity plus any cultural issues