Further information

We have brought together a range of sources of further information, from introductory articles and blogs to research reports and academic journals, which give additional context to the data on this website.

While there is a commitment to impartiality on What Scotland Thinks, you should note that most of these sources do not make this claim. We have tried to maintain a balance by presenting a wide range of opinions.

General information on Scottish independence debate

These articles are broadly factual and a useful starting place for anyone looking for a general introduction to debates on Scottish independence. Please note that while some are non-partisan others may have a particular political slant.

This list brings together the main blogs on Scottish independence plus other online sources of political information. Only the polling websites are impartial but the rest will be of interest to those looking for more comment and analysis.

Scottish Social Attitudes – books and articles

Scottish Social Attitudes survey is the most comprehensive survey of Scottish public opinions and the basis for some of the data you’ll find on this site. Find out more about Scottish Social Attitudes in our selected collection of reports and suggested reading.

Academic bibliography on constitutional change in Scotland

For those who are looking for more in-depth information you can view our academic bibliography. Note that suggestions for academic reading on the Scottish Social Attitudes survey will be found in the above section.

Key Government Publications

These are the Scottish and UK government documents that have had an important role in the run-up to the referendum.