Release of initial findings from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey

21st January 2014

Tonight (Tuesday) sees the release of initial findings on attitudes towards independence from the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey, which was conducted between June and October last year. Tomorrow (Wednesday) you will be able to both to mine the data for yourself using our data explorer while there will also be some briefings that report […]

Scottish-RUK Collaboration: The View from South of the Border

6th December 2013

One of the key characteristics of the Scottish Government’s vision for an independent Scotland, as laid out in last week’s White Paper, is that there should be many areas of continuing collaboration and sharing between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK (RUK).  The most controversial such proposal is that Scotland should continue […]

Angus Reid/Sunday Express Poll Shows Little Change

25th August 2013

With the 18th September ‘exactly a year to go’ date coming into view, we can expect a flurry of media interest in the state of the referendum debate – and thus of polling activity too. First out of the blocks is an Angus Reid poll in today’s Sunday Express – though we should note that […]

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