How should Scotland be governed? (1979 Scottish Election Study)

Field work dates: 1 May 1979 - 31 October 1979
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 1 poll

Results for: How should Scotland be governed? (1979 Scottish Election Study)
Fieldwork end date
31 October 1979
Poll by Scottish Community Planning Research
No devolution or Scottish assembly12%
Scottish Committees in House of Commons visit Scotland for meetings16%
Scottish Parliament that would handle some Scottish affairs and be responsible to Westminster28%
Scottish Pariament that would handle most Scottish affairs, with Westminster responsible for defence and foreign policy23%
A completely independent Scotland with a Scottish Parliament6%
Don't know2%

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    Here are a number of suggestions which have been made about different ways of governing Scotland. Can you tell me which one comes closest to your own view?

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