How should Scotland be governed?

Fieldwork dates: 26 October 2011 - 19 October 2012
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 7 polls

Results for: How should Scotland be governed?
Fieldwork end date
19 October 2012
Poll by Panelbase
10 August 2012
Poll by Panelbase
17 July 2012
Poll by Panelbase
5 July 2012
Poll by TNS-BMRB
1 February 2012
Poll by TNS-BMRB
1 February 2012
Poll by Panelbase
1 November 2011
Poll by TNS-BMRB
I support Scotland becoming an independent country33%29%30%23%26%31%28%
I favour keeping things as the are currently32%27%28%29%32%28%29%
I favour significant devolution of all financial matters to the Scottish Parliament while defence and foreign policy remain reserved UK issues29%35%29%37%30%26%33%
Don't know0%0%0%0%0%0%0%

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If the referendum instead asked you to choose only one of the following three options which would you select?

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