What should happen next if Scotland votes No?

Field work dates: 10 September 2013 - 16 September 2014
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 10 polls

Results for: What should happen next if Scotland votes No?
Fieldwork end date
16 September 2014
Poll by ICM
13 August 2014
Poll by ICM
11 July 2014
Poll by ICM
12 June 2014
Poll by ICM
15 May 2014
Poll by ICM
16 April 2014
Poll by ICM
21 March 2014
Poll by ICM
21 February 2014
Poll by ICM
24 January 2014
Poll by ICM
13 September 2013
Poll by ICM
There should be no further change to the powers and responsibilities of the Scottish Parliament18%22%26%25%26%21%22%27%28%28%
The Scottish Parliament should become primarily responsible for making decisions about taxation and welfare benefits in Scotland.74%67%63%61%62%64%68%60%64%59%
Don't know8%11%11%14%12%15%10%12%8%13%

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If Scotland were to vote “ "No" in the referendum, which of the following comes closest to your view about what should then happen next?

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