ESRC Festival of Social Science Event: What Does Scotland Think About Independence?

What do people in Scotland think about the issues surrounding the referendum on independence in September 2014?  Learn, debate and influence the analysis of up to date social science evidence at this one-day event run by the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN), an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Centre.

This event is part of the UK wide Festival of Social Science which is also funded by the ESRC.

‘What Does Scotland Think About Independence?’ will take place on 6th November 2013 at the Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street, Edinburgh. Places are free but to attend you must book on the AQMeN website.

Three AQMeN projects funded under the ESRC Future of Scotland and the UK programme will contribute to the event:

1. Social Media Project

Social media are becoming an ever more important part of politics, with the referendum on Scottish independence seeing unprecedented levels of web-based debate and interaction. AQMeN and Strathclyde University are investigating the use of social media in the debate about independence focusing on a range of channels, including online discussion forums and Twitter. The project’s particular focus is on teasing out online sentiments expressed towards Scottish independence and devolution, national identity, and politicians and political parties as well as exploring the policy issues dominating online independence exchanges.

2. Scottish Social Attitudes Survey Project

AQMeN and ScotCen Social Research are investigating Scottish attitudes to independence and devolution through a suite of questions in the annual Scottish Social Attitudes Survey of 2013. They have been investigating trends in attitudes to aspects of public policy that will be affected by the outcome of the – whatever that outcome will be. Examples include attitudes to wealth inequality, immigration, and economic uncertainty.

3. Survey of Young People Project

For the first time in a national referendum in the UK, people aged 16-17 will be able to vote. AQMeN and Edinburgh are investigating the attitudes of people age 14-17 to questions arising in the referendum, paying particular attention to their views on Scottish independence and devolution; their feelings of Scottish, British and European identities; their political interest and engagement; and their socio-demographic characteristics.

To find out more and sign up to attend, please see the AQMeN website.

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