Major Referendum Conference: What Scotland Thinks….So Far

ScotCen / NatCen Social Research and What Scotland Thinks are kicking off the New Year with a major conference on Scotland’s independence referendum.  Chaired by Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland’s Political Editor, the all day event on 22 January will consider how well the key issues have been identified and addressed, how effective the two campaigns have been at advancing their respective causes, and what the public have made of the arguments so far.

The sessions will include:

* Presentations by Prof. John Curtice (ScotCen Social Research/Strathclyde University) and Dr. Jan Eichhorn (Edinburgh University) of the initial results of ScotCen’s latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey, the most detailed examination yet of public attitudes towards Scotland’s constitutional future

* A keynote presentation from Prof. David Bell (Stirling University) who will give his verdict on how well the campaign has addressed the key economic issues.

* A keynote presentation by Dr. Nicola McEwen (Edinburgh University) who will discuss quality of the the debate about the likely future relationship between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK

* A panel of some of Scotland’s top journalists, Alan Cochrane (Daily Telegraph), Angus MacLeod (The Times), George Kerevan (The Scotsman) and Iain Macwhirter (The Herald), will give their verdict on the effectiveness of the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns so far – and suggest what they each need to do between now and September 2014.

* Penny Young (Chief Executive, NatCen Social Research) will offer observations from south of the border.

* An overview and demonstration of the What Scotland Thinks website by Annie Wild (ScotCen Social Research). Laptops will be available so that attendees can use and learn about the site.

The conference will be of interest to anyone who needs to understand how (and why) Scotland might vote on referendum day in September 2014. It will take place at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh and proceedings will begin on 22 January at 0930 for 1000 and finish at 1600.

To register (cost £50 / concessions £30) please click here.  Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

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