Seminar: So Where Does Scotland Stand on More Devolution?

Tuesday 18th February 9.30am-11am

Raeburn Room, Old College, University of Edinburgh

The possibility that Scotland should remain in the UK but that the Scottish Parliament should be given more power over and responsibility for taxation and welfare benefits will not appear on the ballot paper on 18th September. However, the debate on this option continues, and both the Labour and Conservative parties are due to discuss (new) proposals for more devolution at their Scottish party conferences in March. But how much support is there for more devolution? How consistent are Scots’ views on the subject? And should the campaigns be reaching out to supporters of more devolution to increase support for the options that are open to voters in Septmeber?

Prof. Curtice will address these questions using data from the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey that will be presented for the first time in this seminar.

To book your place on this seminar and the others in this series, please go to the Institute of Governance website.

This is the first of the next series of ScotCen/Institute of Governance morning briefings on public attitudes towards Scotland’s constitutional future. Each briefing focuses on public attitudes towards one of the key aspects of the referendum debate, bringing together the evidence from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey and commercial opinion polls. They will be of interest to anyone who needs to be well briefed on public opinion – on how it is evolving and how it may change – during the course of the referendum campaign.

More Dates for your diary
• Wednesday 9th April
• Thursday 19th June
Two further seminars on public opinion and the referendum will be held on these dates – same time, same location. The subjects and speaker at these seminars will be announced later.

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