A Critical Look at Scotland’s Referendum: Special Issue of Scottish Affairs

3rd July 2014 Comment How Scotland should be governed The Scottish independence referendum

The journal Scottish Affairs was first launched not long after the Conservatives had won their fourth consecutive UK general election in 1992. The opening lines of Scottish Affairs, number 1 were delivered by the journal’s editor, Lindsay Paterson: The day after the general election last April, a new bit of graffiti appeared on a wall […]

Tall Tales: Religion and Scottish Independence

15th August 2013 Comment

Tall tales are common currency when it comes to religion’s supposed role in Scotland’s politics.  On the one hand, there are occasional murmurings of a continued underlying ‘Protestant’ basis for Unionism in Scotland, as if Better Together marched, willingly or otherwise, to the beat of the Lambeg drum. Yet at the same time we are […]