Why bigger isn’t always better

23rd August 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Political campaigners can often be heard complaining that opinion polls do not reflect what they are hearing ‘on the doorstep’. Arguing that they have spoken to many more people than the 1,000 or so typically interviewed for a poll, they claim the polls must be biased or just plain wrong. In Scotland, the Radical Independence […]

Minding the gap – women’s views of independence in 2014

12th August 2014 Comment Expectations of constitutional change How Scotland should be governed The Scottish independence referendum

As we enter the final weeks of the referendum campaign, persuading key groups of voters to back their case becomes ever more important to both the Yes Scotland and the Better Together campaign. Women are one such target group. In fact, some have suggested that women may ‘hold the key’  to the outcome of September’s vote. […]