SNP Slipped in the Polls?

6th January 2014 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

Amongst the plethora of holiday polling, the SNP reported with some satisfaction Panelbase’s finding (based on the Scottish poll it conducted for the party just before Xmas) that the party was eight points ahead of Labour on constituency voting intentions for the Scottish Parliament and nine points on list voting.  As the party itself noted, […]

Holiday Catch Up

6th January 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Most voters in Scotland doubtless thought that the last fortnight of Christmas and New Year holidays provided a rare opportunity to escape from the routine of every day life. If so, their perspective was not shared by the apparatchiks working in the Yes and the No campaigns. They both regarded the holiday season as an […]

Nationalists for No: The Real Referendum Battleground?

8th August 2013 Comment Elections, parties & leaders The Scottish independence referendum

Rather a lot of political excitement has been caused recently by claims that the Labour for Independence campaign was a front populated by current and/or recent SNP activists rather than a grassroots organization consisting of genuine Labour members – see, for example, these articles by Severin Carrell and Tom Gordon. Apart from casting aspersions on […]