Release of initial findings from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey

21st January 2014 Comment Expectations of constitutional change Perceptions of government & the Union

Tonight (Tuesday) sees the release of initial findings on attitudes towards independence from the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey, which was conducted between June and October last year. Tomorrow (Wednesday) you will be able to both to mine the data for yourself using our data explorer while there will also be some briefings that report […]

Tall Tales: Religion and Scottish Independence

15th August 2013 Comment

Tall tales are common currency when it comes to religion’s supposed role in Scotland’s politics.  On the one hand, there are occasional murmurings of a continued underlying ‘Protestant’ basis for Unionism in Scotland, as if Better Together marched, willingly or otherwise, to the beat of the Lambeg drum. Yet at the same time we are […]

Yes are behind – but how far?

19th June 2013 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Eight polls have so far been conducted since the Scottish Government accepted in January that the question on the referendum ballot paper should read, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country’, as recommended by the Electoral Commission.  Every single one of those polls, conducted by no less than five different companies, has put the Yes side […]