Seminar: Can Scotland and England Rub Along?

4th June 2014 Comment Site News

Irrespective of whether Scotland votes Yes or No in the referendum on three months time, its future will depend in part on how it gets along with its near neighbour, England. The SNP’s vision for an independent Scotland envisages various forms of collaboration with the rest of the UK that may or may not be […]

New Filter to Help You Interpret the Referendum Polls

23rd April 2014 Comment Site News

It will come as no surprise to regular users of this site to hear that the most visited page is the referendum voting intention time series. This graph presents the results from all polls that have asked the question that will appear on this September’s ballot paper: ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ One strength […]

Seminar in April: Who Will Turn Up – and Who Will Stay At Home?

17th March 2014 Comment Site News

This seminar is the latest in an occasional series of ScotCen/Institute of Governance morning briefings on public attitudes towards Scotland’s constitutional future. Each briefing focuses on public attitudes towards one of the key aspects of the referendum debate, bringing together the evidence of the Scottish Social Attitudes surveys and of commercial opinion polls. They are […]

New Feature for Combining Response Options

13th March 2014 Comment Site News

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a new feature appear recently on If you go to any page with a graph or table and scroll down a little, there is now a button called ‘Edit Responses’. Click on this and you will see that it allows you to combine the response categories […]

Seminar: So Where Does Scotland Stand on More Devolution?

4th February 2014 Comment Site News

Tuesday 18th February 9.30am-11am Raeburn Room, Old College, University of Edinburgh The possibility that Scotland should remain in the UK but that the Scottish Parliament should be given more power over and responsibility for taxation and welfare benefits will not appear on the ballot paper on 18th September. However, the debate on this option continues, […]

Interactive Scottish Social Attitudes 2013 data now online

22nd January 2014 Comment

If you have been reading the news coverage and blogs on the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) survey you may have further questions about the findings. Like what do the undecided voters think about key issues? Or does the gender gap in support for independence apply to all aspects of the debate? Well to coincide […]

Major Referendum Conference: What Scotland Thinks….So Far

15th November 2013 Comment Site News

ScotCen / NatCen Social Research and What Scotland Thinks are kicking off the New Year with a major conference on Scotland’s independence referendum.  Chaired by Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland’s Political Editor, the all day event on 22 January will consider how well the key issues have been identified and addressed, how effective the two campaigns […]

ESRC Festival of Social Science Event: What Does Scotland Think About Independence?

24th October 2013 Comment Site News

What do people in Scotland think about the issues surrounding the referendum on independence in September 2014?  Learn, debate and influence the analysis of up to date social science evidence at this one-day event run by the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN), an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Centre. This event is part […]